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Sep 12

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Sep 9

Sep 7
  • you: how was school today?
  • me: i saw a really neat grasshopper on the way home!
  • you: ok but how was school?
  • me: it was so neat hang on i think i have a picture


deadpool understands me


deadpool understands me

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Sep 5

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Sep 4

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Sep 2


Because sometimes you just need a bear.

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Sep 1


My mom say that everyone has a beautiful side. So I guess I’m a circle.

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Aug 30


I’ve never related to anything more

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Aug 28
  • person: wow you drink so much water, you're so healthy!!
  • me: i cry so much i gotta stay hydrated


having the worst internet connection in your friend group


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I designed a shirt to describe myself. Maybe you’d like one too? For yourself or I bet it’d make a really thoughtful gift.

Shop link.

Available in various colors.

We all know the definition of “professional” means “received payment” for a given action. So, since two people have purchased this shirt, I am now a professional shirt designer.

 I like that you made one for kids 

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